Jury Prize Award Winner



Julia, a photojournalism student living in war-torn Ukraine, finds her path towards independence and a brighter future challenged after meeting and falling for English, a young soldier fresh from the war zone.

Capturing a fleeting love story in a very specific time and place one year after the 2014 revolution in Kyiv, JULIA BLUE is a different kind of war narrative. Performance driven, artistic and subtle, it is told through the eyes of a young woman who must ultimately choose the best path for her future.

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“The sophistication of her craft in every way is remarkable for her first film. Her film humanizes a world historical event by dwelling not on the movers and shakers of history, but rather on how world events invade and shape the life of of one remarkable young woman while bringing awareness to the war in Ukraine. We hope and expect we will see many more accomplished films from Best Director, Roxy Toporowych.” 

-Thelma Adams, Film Critic and Juror 

Woodstock Film Festival 2018

“A beautiful allegory for the freedoms of our modern world that seem all too fleeting, Julia Blue reminds us not just of the costs of love and war, but of the sometimes painful choices freedom demands.” 

-Seattle International Film Festival 2018